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Hi. I'm Rev. Joe Cherry.
I'm a Unitarian Universalist minister seeking to be a faithful and trusted companion to congregations I serve.

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The most important part of Sunday is not the words I'll preach; it's how we feel when we're together.

- Rev. Joe Cherry


Through my ministry — to congregations both large and small — I do my best to be aware of where my voice, as a cis-gendered but gay, white-looking but biracial, clergy but not Christian minister, can do the most good. Where I can advocate with those whose voices may not be as easily listened to.

My whole path to ministry really began in Room 104 at the First Unitarian Society of Chicago. It was there that I co-taught Neighboring Faiths to a bunch of 5th & 6th graders.  From there, I went on to serve as a Director of Religious Education, and eventually enrolled in seminary.

Experience & Service

Sharon Edmond
Staff Member, UU Congregation of Cleveland, Ohio

"Superheroes don't tell you about their powers, they show you how your powers are important." You are the Wonder Woman of this quote.

Jim Loew
VP UU Falmouth

"Reverend Cherry has provided strong and steady leadership during an exceedingly stressful period for our congregation. He provides sound counsel to the governing board, assists committees with their work, guides the staff in their day-to-day business, communicates well no matter the mode, and lovingly ministers to the congregants."

UU Leadership & Social Justice Work

Together we'll examine to examine both the world and our place within it. While Unitarian Universalists do not have a creed, or a common dogma, we share a common drive to make the world into a place that is more fair and equitable for all. 

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