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Seminary, when I went to seminary, was a four year, full-time proposition. In the past decade there has been real efforts made in seminary education to make it more affordable, and therefore more accessible to a wider variety of people. But even with an advanced degree, a Master of Divinity, the acceptance into Fellowship by the Ministerial Fellowship Committee and ordination by a religious body, in this case my home congregation, the work of learning in ministry is never done.


Since seminary I have worked to further my training every year, not only to keep aware of changes in education, but to continue to learn from both senior colleagues and new ones. There are many informal occasions where education happens, casual conversations, email exchanges and group gatherings. Here are some of the more formal trainings that I have taken in the last decade.

  • Family Systems Theory Part 1, The Bowen Center for the Study of the Human Family 

  • Family Systems Theory Part 2, The Bowen Center for the Study of the Human Family

  • Executive Leadership for Ministers, Howard University, School of Business

  • The Work of the Pastor, Interim Ministry Network

  • The Work of the Congregation, Interim Ministry Network

  • Beyond Trans 101: Being a Clergy Ally

  • Beyond Categorical Thinking Trainer Training

  • Non Violent Protest Procedures: The Poor People’s Campaign

  • Liberal and Liberation Theologies in Dialogue, Harvard Divinity School

  • Serving the After Pastor Church, UUA Training

  • Ministry in the Public Square, UUMA Continuing Education Week

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