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Beauty in December

The weeks leading up to Christmas can be very taxing and daunting to a member of the clergy (even if Christmas isn't actually their holiday.)

Something happened this week that has really restored my faith in humanity and thus my energy, and I want to share it.

The congregation I serve is the closest UU congregation to the Cleveland Clinic, and sometimes I get calls from colleagues who have congregants going to the Clinic. They ask me to stop by and check-in, offer some support, or something similar. I am happy to do this.

I got an email from a lay-person saying a UU friend of hers was coming to the Clinic for 3 days of tests, and could we help out this friend.

I sent out a call to action to two churches and got a dozen responses! Every appointment, every commute, every meal: covered!!!!

People, you can sometimes break my heart. And then other times you show your true capacity and beauty.

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Rev. Joe Cherry

Rev. Joe is a biracial, gay, Unitarian Universalist minister, and history nerd. He lives in North Easton, Massachusetts, with his husband, Rev. Denis Paul, and their dog, Toulouse.

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