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Prayer for the Lamp Keeper

My prayer for you today is that you understand that you cannot be and

say everything. That you are a light, a lamp in the night to help people

find their way, but you cannot be their way.

Remember also that a steady lamp by which others may guide their

own journey, is a gift from and to the universe.

Be steady, but do not deny your own humanity. Do not forget to

take breaks. Do not let your desire to be that steward of that lamp keep you

too long from your own journey.

Share the burden

Share the responsibility

Share the honor with others.

- The Rev. Joseph M. Cherry

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Rev. Joe Cherry

Rev. Joe is a biracial, gay, Unitarian Universalist minister, and history nerd. He lives in North Easton, Massachusetts, with his husband, Rev. Denis Paul, and their dog, Toulouse.

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