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Video Sermons

During more than a year of offering services and sermons on-line, many of my colleagues and I have learned a lot of new skills. I never imagined that I would become both an indie film producer and movie star!


In truth, none of us were prepared to go into fully virtual services when the pandemic hit us, and there was a steep learning curve for us all.  


I'm including here a few sermons from the last year for your viewing. Each of them was created as part of a whole service which can be found on the YouTube channel of the congregation I currently serve.

JMC Walk of Fame Star.jpeg

At the beginning of the year, the Church of the Larger Fellowship, who had been doing on-line church for years already, hosted a quickly put together tutorial for the rest of us who were just beginning our time producing on-line worship. It was recommended that sermon videos be no longer than 5 minutes if possible, and that we should consider breaking our sermons up into smaller chunks. This led to me "giving away" portions of the sermon time to other members that were helping me create our Sunday Services. 

As time went on, I received requests for longer sermons (don't worry, they don't get too long!) and so as you watch these videos, you'll see a progression in both style, format, technique and length.

You can view a sampling of my sermons here on my own YouTube Sermon Playlist. If you want to see any of these sermons in the context of their whole service, just go to the channel above and find the same date and title.

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